Rusty is dedicated to ministering the Word of God as the Holy Spirit leads. He started in the ministry in 1998 in a nursing home.


Rusty and Sabrina attend Exciting Living Word Fellowship in Anderson, Mo. where he works in ministry and is the media director and Sabrina is the Nursery Director in the nursery ministry.


Rusty has obediently answered the call on his life to minister the Word of God leads. Rusty grew up in church and in a Christian home with his parents Bob and Joyce Wilson, who are Pastors of a church and his two brothers, Randy and Robert Wilson. Randy is also an evangelist and has a ministry called Destiny Ministries.


Rusty is the author of God’s Little Book Of The Ministry Vol. 1 and several bookmarks. His goal is to fulfill the purpose of the calling in his life for the glory of God.

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