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Watching What We Say

By Rusty Wilson


Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee.


- Proverbs 4:24



It’s important to be cautious and watch what we say. Our words are a spiritual seed and as we speak, we either sow good seed or bad seed.


The Amplified Bible says Proverbs 4:24, Put away from you false and dishonest speech, and willful and contrary talk put far from you. If what we say isn’t according to God’s Word and representing what He is saying to us, we are sowing idle words (inoperative, nonworking) that bring a negative outcome to us and others.


A lot of people don’t realize that what they are saying whether they are a believer or none believer it is affecting them and others. Words mean more than what people actually think.


It’s important to keep false, negative words away from us and even when we are not feeling the best, refuse to speak any negative, idle words that will work against us and speak words (God’s Word) that will work for us. Willful and contrary words are contrary to the Word of God and we need to keep them out of our vocabulary.


Praise God for the help of the Holy Spirit Who gives us the words to speak and corrects us if we say anything contrary to His Word, so we can repent and get back to focusing on speaking true words, words that will bring a good harvest and minister to the hearer.





Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4:29









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